Learn to Play "Scotland The Brave" for FREE!

Learn to Play "Scotland The Brave" for FREE!

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This is a program designed to help you learn and build "Scotland the Brave"

Here's what you should do:

  • Print out the .PDF's  They consist of:

    • Simplified Scotland The Brave

    • The Prep Drills

    • The real version of Scotland The Brave

  • Learn the Rhythm First

    • Use the Real Version as the Syllables are under the melody notes

  • Learn to play the Easy Version first

  • Learn to play the Prep Drills

  • Learn to play the regular version last

Each lesson has audio with it.  

  • Scotland the Brave Rhythm Sung

  • Scotland the Brave Easy Version

  • Scotland the Brave Prep Drills

  • Scotland the Brave -Big, Slow and Open

  • Scotland the Brave at Parade Speed.

This lesson is free as it is a sample lesson.  All of the other lessons have been developed the same way.