Learn to play the "Siege of the Delhi"

Learn to play the "Siege of the Delhi"

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This program is designed to teach you how to play "The Siege of the Delhi".  Print out the .pdf's.  All of the files are numbered in sequence of use.

2 .pdf's

    The Tune
    The Prep Drills

2 videos

    How to develop the rhythm
    How to Practice The Prep Drills

6 tracks of audio

The Rhythm for The Siege of the Delhi
The Prep Drills 
Playing it in 8/16 Even
Playing it in 8/16 Dotted
Playing it in 4/8
Play it in 2/4.

If you learn to use these methods, you will be able to develop any tune!  Normally I would charge for these lessons, however they are free for you to use.  If you'd like to make a donation to my cause, you can do so below with Venmo.  Thanks in advance for your support.