EBelaire Adaptive Air Supply For The Great Highland Bagpipe

EBelaire Adaptive Air Supply For The Great Highland Bagpipe

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General Description:

  • EBelaire is a patented adaptive air supply, and control system, that replaces the air flow and pressure sufficient to operate a full Great Highland Bagpipe  or any other mouth, or bellow's blown bagpipe.
  • EBelaire is completely portable and provides independence of movement sufficient to permit use during band practices, stage performances, parades or at other venues 
  • EBELAIRE includes a wireless control system that supports the execution of 3 pace roll starts and clean drone cutoff's on properly set up instruments.
  • EBelaire uses replaceable, and rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries.  These allow for virtually unlimited playing time.
  • EBelaire weighs only 4.5 pounds and can be worn over the shoulder using the provided wide strap.
  • EBelaire generates less than <55dB of sound (measured in 12x12 room at 5 feet from source)  

 The EBelaire is composed of :

  •  A portable, and rechargeable, air supply
  •  A wireless blow-pipe like control  system that manages the airflow through the application of gentle 'Puff' of Air from the player's mouth.
  •  Variable airflow and pressure controller
  •  A Universal Blowpipe Adapter that supplies air and pressure to the bagpipe through the existing blowpipe stock.
  • Extendable Shoulder Strap