1 Bagpipe Lesson-$40 for 30 Minutes

1 Bagpipe Lesson-$40 for 30 Minutes

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A bagpiper is a person who:

  • can play a list of tunes on the bagpipe,
  • develop their own music
  • and maintain their own bagpipes.

I have been teaching full time for the last 23 years! The goal is to teach you to become a "bagpiper" as state above. I have a lot of great tools and experience to make this a fun and exciting process.  I'm going to teach you to read music and rhythm, to play the practice chanter and eventually the bagpipe. Do not go out and buy a set of bagpipes to start. I will help you choose the right instrument when the time comes.

If you buy 4 or more lessons, they are discounted to $32.50 each for a total of $130.  


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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